Falcon 7X

Falcon 7X | Heavy Jet Chartering Miami is a testament to the Dassault brand. The aircraft flies higher, farther and faster than any of its predecessors. With a completely new design and a new engine the Falcon 7X performs extremely well for distinguished clientele. The 7X employs three, not two, Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A engines. The 7X design is flawless. It employs three upgraded engines, a fly-by-wire system and winglets. This makes the Falcon 7X an ideal choice for jet setters arriving in Miami.

Inside the Falcon 7X, clientene will find a 1,552 cubic foot cabin measuring 6.2 feet high, 7.8 feet wide, and 39.1 feet long. This also includes 140 cubic feet of baggage space. The cabin is extremely comfortable, featuring noise level cancellation, larger windows and advanced temperature monitoring.

View Miami like you’ve never seen it before, from thousands of feet in the air inside a Falcon 7X This plane is great for trips, casual flights, and site seeing tours among other choices. Charter one tod